Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Can We Just Stop With the Politically Correct Bullshit, Already?

This is old news, but I started this post almost two months ago and am only now completing it.  Before you get on my case, just remember that sometimes hairdressers have the most jacked up hair, plumbers have the worst plumbing, mechanics drive jalopies, and carpenters live in shacks.  I work for myself, so sometimes I get complacent.  I still have household chores, kids to deal with and honestly, sometimes I just want to lie on the couch and watch TV.  If you don’t like it, feel free to get me a writing gig. J

I’m not a big fan of Ariana Grande, but dammit I’ll fight for her.  She sings like Mariah Carey.  You know the way; refusing to open their mouths, and someone like me who already has enough trouble trying to figure out songs’ lyrics, just can’t deal with someone who is eating her words.  Give me Whitney Houston.  Actually, don’t anymore; but that girl would open her mouth and sing.  Okay, I’ll take Bruno Mars.  Boyfriend will enunciate those words for folks like me.  And by the way, Miss Jackson, you need to open your mouth too.

But you’re gonna tell me that Ariana Grande, a 22 year old former Disney teeny bopper who said something that was on her mind in a country as free as the United States of America has to apologize, while elected members of Congress plotted to sabotage the US economy because Obama was elected, yet were never charged for treason.  Police actually stopped killing innocent people to investigate Ariana’s comments about hating Americans and America.  She was referring to the fact that she bought a donut, and it was so huge that it disgusted her and caused her to think about the obesity problem in this country.  Is she lying?  Okay, licking those donuts because they were unhealthy was nasty AND childish, but she’s a child, maturity-wise.

Of course she regrets saying it that way.  Well, rather, she regrets being overheard.  But, who has never said anything out loud that they ended up regretting, because they’ve hurt another human being or because they ended up looking ridiculous? 

First of all, hate is a strong word for people of a certain age, but for those young‘uns, hate is just an everyday word in their vernacular.  Your best friend just roasted you, what do you say?  I hate you.  Your teacher ‘gave’ you a D that you actually earned, what do you tell our buddies.  I hate her.  So let’s just skip the BS, and keep it real about what Ariana means.  She doesn’t like the fact that she is living in a country where people just nonchalantly go into an eatery and devour donuts and/or any food filled with content unfit for their bodies.  What she means is that she is not proud of the fact that there are so many obese people in her beloved country who refuse to do anything except to see how quickly they can elevate from obese to morbidly obese.  And at 50 pounds soaking wet, Ariana is anything but a threat to national security.

So the profanity bothers you too?  Oh dear, profanity bothers you, yet you defend Donald Trump when he says such sick things about Mexicans.  Your theory that he is just “protecting our borders” doesn’t hold water.  Instead of bringing Donald Trump to task with his blatant xenophobia, you straight-faced say crap like “he didn’t say all immigrants, he said illegal immigrants”.  As if your grandparents or Donald’s current and former wives came here with their green cards in their pockets. 

People are quite fine with “celebrities” coming here and living here without their ‘papers’ but not the average Mexican. 

Take Sofia Vergara.  She left Colombia for Miami when her older brother was murdered during a botched kidnap.  I don’t know, but it sounds like she was living in the States without proper documentation for a while.

When Steven Spielberg noticed Catherine Zeta-Jones in the Titanic miniseries, he recommended her to the director of The Mask of Zorro where she starred alongside Anthony Hopkins and Antonio Banderas, all immigrants.  Hey, maybe they came here to work and when their working visas expired, they returned to Wales and Spain.

I’m pretty sure in the early 1930’s when Albert Einstein visited the US, he had every intention of returning to a tumultuous Germany.  I mean, it’s not like Hitler was having a problem with outspoken Jews or anything like that.

Do you know what else irritates me about people trying to be so politically correct?  When they try to fix something now that they were quite fine with so many years ago.  TV Land cancelled The Dukes of Hazzard reruns in 2015, a show that ended in 1985 because of the recent dust up regarding the Confederate flag.  There is a car in the show with the flag on the roof that NEVER bothered anyone for over 30 years; now it’s not politically correct.  Look, history is history.  If there were to be a 2015 show with that flag brazenly pronounced, that would be a problem, but at this point, it is what it is.  Maybe they just don’t want us to remember the times when they were being politically incorrect when they already knew better.

Recently, some members of Congress wanted to strip Bill Cosby of his 2002 Presidential Medal of Freedom that W. bestowed upon him.  If they are going to take that from Bill because they now realize that he’s an alleged rapist, then they’ll have to take away W.’s presidency because they now realize that he is a complete nincompoop.

Do we always use the right words at the right time?  Hell no!  I know Ariana wishes that she could take back what she did and said, but maybe in that moment she felt like her back was against the wall.  Nah, she’s a kid; she felt like it was a good idea at the time.  But for Pete’s sake, she’s a 22 year old pop princess.  How much maturity do we really expect from her?  Plus, our very mature First Lady of the United States has a campaign focusing on moving, getting fit and eating right, yet she’s not being taken seriously by many folks either.  After Pennsylvania schools’ attempt to get kids to eat healthier, Sarah Palin brought cookies to them since she thought Pennsylvania was a nanny state.  I’m assuming she actually came to Pennsylvania to stir up trouble, but for all I know, she just saw Pennsylvania from her house and threw them over her fence.

But perspectively speaking, if Michele Obama’s technique is spurned, what’s wrong with giving Ariana’s a fair shot.

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