Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Forgive Me If I Don't Share Your Outrage

Botched Executions:  When you sat on your couch and heard that he would be sentenced to death, you cheered.  After all, he had committed the most heinous of crimes.  Death would be too good of a punishment for him.  You cannot wait for him to meet His Maker.  You cannot wait for him to be punished for what he did.  You cannot wait for society to be rid of him.

Then the day comes, and you are so happy that the state has decided to seal his fate.  He never admitted that he committed the crime.  He never apologized for committing the crime.  Therefore, you don’t give a damn about him.

However, the execution does not go as planned.  Instead of dying quietly from the lethal injection, he doesn’t die instantly.  He writhes and squirms tortuously as the dose does not take its intended effects.

Personally, execution by nature is cruel and unusual.  Therefore, whether it goes off without a hitch or it ends in torture of the death row inmate….MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.   I will have no time for feigned horror.  You either want the man dead, or you want to live in a civilized community without executions…..pick one!

Inhumane Butchering:  Again, when you are eating that scrumptious hamburger, should you care that the cattle were killed humanely or killed savagely?  You’re not going to get the burger from live cattle.  Either you don’t eat meat or you do.  When you picked the frozen beef patties from the supermarket’s freezer, your mind was not on innocent cattle, so now that you know that they are not always killed humanely, don’t act surprised.

And by the way, you vegetarians/vegans who claim that you don’t eat anything that had a mother, I guess you never heard the term ‘baby plant’. 

Racist Tirades:  All I can say is I’ve seen recent posts of an alleged racist woman in Cheektowaga, NY going off presumably in the presence of her child/children.  I didn’t open it.  And I still won’t open it for this post.  I might be inefficient in my job, but come one, we both will get over it.  Some people do things to be infamous, some people are careless and get caught; but I’m not surprised that bigots exist among us.  I’m not going to waste any time on them and contribute to their 15 minutes of fame.

Bigoted Rednecks:  Same goes for Cliven Bundy.  Heard about the ordeal, but never found the time to listen or watch it myself.  Maybe it’s me, but I honestly believe that after a certain point in life, if something adds no enrichment to one’s life, then it is useless and pointless to concern oneself with it.

Xenophobic Officials:  82 year old Police Commissioner Robert Copeland from Wolfeboro, NH called my main man Obama the N word.  It’s not the fact that he’s 82 and refuses to change at this point that concerns me.  It’s not the fact that he’s in a position to hire and fire police officers that concerns me.  It’s that he was elected by the people, and they pretend NOT to know about his character.  Furthermore, really.  Why hasn’t he retired already?  It’s not that I’m saying that every senior citizen should retire and make way for younger people to take over, because I am; but I’m saying that at 82, seriously?

FOX News Personnel Talking for Shock Value:  It takes people like Ann Coulter and Bill O’Reilly to say things just to rile people up in order to promote their books, but Myra is not falling for that anymore.  If I can ignore a toddler crying next to me for two hours straight, I think I can ignore the noise at FOX.

Adulterous Pastors Who Chastise Congregants:  Okay, this one is way too easy, so I’ll pass; but you know who they are!!!

Philandering Politicians Who Don’t Practice What They Preach:   David Vitter, Newt Gingrich, Mark Sanford, John Ensign, Larry Craig, Mark Foley, Philip Giordano, Scott DesJarlais, Helen Chenoweth, Too Numerous To Mention.

Celebrities Being Different:  Do I really care if BeyoncĂ© and Jay-Z refuse to comb Blue Ivy’s hair?  I cannot believe somebody took time out of her unbusy schedule to start a petition for the public to get involved.  And I certainly cannot believe that because of public outcries, Child Protective Services investigated Jada and Will Smith because 13 year old Willow had a picture taken of herself, fully clothed on a bed with a 20 year old friend!!  

Young Sexy Entertainers Doing Crazy Things:  When news broke that Miley Cyrus performed in her underwear because of a missing costume, I didn’t think too much of it.  However, it involved a half-naked person, so it piqued my curiosity.  I watched the video and not only was Miley STUNNING in her bra and panties, but they matched; AND they could actually pass for one of her costumes.

Rihanna in her sheer dress.  I’ll probably be criticized here, but I think she looked exquisite.  With all the examples we’ve been given, who on Earth is shocked that Rihanna eventually turned up naked to an event?  The only problem was if she had sharted, there would have been no way for her to hide it!

So clearly I’m not outraged by too many things at this point in my life; but do you know what still boils my blood?  GUNS!!!  Guns in the hands of innocent children playing.  Guns in the hands of misguided school children who think that everyone is out to get them.  Guns in the hands of sociopathic college students who think the world owes them.  Guns in the hands of disgruntled coworkers who are out to get revenge.  Guns in the hands of soldiers suffering from PTSD who still think they are at war.  Guns in the hands of cowards who refuse to fight with their fists.  Guns in the hands of racists who claim to be standing their ground.  Guns in the hands of police officers who panic easily and shoot innocent citizens and sometimes each other.  Guns in the hands of gang members who do not value life.  Guns in the hands of nut jobs whose favorite Bible passage is the Second Amendment. 

And the saddest thing is that I cannot do anything about it.  I cannot do anything about it because this David is no match for that Goliath.  I cannot do anything about it because I’m not Martin Luther King Jr., and I refuse to sacrifice my life for a cause that people are not ready to stand by.  Face it, he would be shocked if he saw the way some of these young men and women dress today.  He would be shocked if he heard the words that come out of their mouths.

And I’m not Lenore Draper because perspectively speaking, only the good and heroes die young.