Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Miss Them

The good old days……..

When I was a little girl, when the school year ended, we knew there was going to be eight weeks of bliss.  Fifty-six straight days of fun in the sun.  Sure there would be days when our mother intervened and had us reading, studying our tables, working in the garden or worse ------- napping.  But between those activities, we – siblings, cousins, neighborhood kids – would go to the pastures looking for the sweetest fruit trees. 

Given the chance, we stayed outside for hours playing because we knew that if we ever went home for anything, that would be it.  Once a mother sees her child, it would trigger her memory about some chore she wanted done.  If we got thirsty, we would get water from a pond, (well, not me) or wait to get back in the village to the nearest standpipe.  If we wanted to use the bathroom, we’d better find a tree or some bushes.  But nobody ever uttered, “I have to go back home to use the bathroom.”

These kids nowadays are totally different.  They go outside to play, and every five minutes someone comes inside for a snack or a drink or all available Icee in the freezer.  The last time I checked, there was a garden hose outside……feel free to take your fill.

Then they constantly take bathroom breaks.  Helloooooo, you are standing on a huge lavatory…….again, please feel free to help yourself.

And am I the only one who notices that when these kids have “Field Day” at school, they tend to participate in group sports?  Are the authorities afraid to have them race each other for fear some kid might be offended if he loses? 

Well, welcome to the real world, sweetie.

And as if this isn’t crazy enough, the extracurricular activities are outrageous!

Back in my day, we practiced after school and caught the bus home.  No parent was coming for us – we were on our own. 

Now I sign my son up for baseball and already it’s $70.  Then there is a mandatory $20 for some bingo with an unknown drawing date.  I am just told that the check comes in the mail, if I win.  Surprisingly, I have never had the opportunity to cash that check.  Then I give a $100 bond check so I am obligated to help with the season.  If the parents don’t perform their jobs, they lose their checks.  Okay, I totally agree with that one, because seriously the organization needs all the help it can get; and that is the only way to get parents to help out.  Although watching nine and ten year olds playing baseball for three hours is punishment enough, don’t you think!

Then I transport him to and from practices and games, and we know how cheap gas is.  Since he has to be at the field at 5:00 pm for a home game and the school bus drops him off at 4:45 pm, I have to pick him up from school on game days.  But mark you, this is just one sport; I haven’t even gotten to football, (or as some people call it, soccer,) and basketball.  And this is just one child.  It’s a balancing act juggling all three around the neighborhood after school.

And don’t get me started with the trophies.  I mean even if they lose EVERY SINGLE game, the parents buy a trophy.  For what?  If one gets a trophy for losing 10 games, what does one get for winning all?  I’m sorry, but I don’t condone negative rewarding.

Then at the end of the season, win lose or draw, there is a pizza party.  Again, shouldn’t you get a pizza party if you are the champs?

But I’m not finished; there is also a snack schedule.  Seriously?  These kids can play on their electronic devices for five hours but cannot play a baseball game for 2 ½ to 3 hours without an awaiting snack? (Am I sounding like the old man who yells “Get off my lawn!” as yet?)

I don’t get it, all I know is that perspectively speaking, if we continue to spoon feed these kids, they will never grow up to be responsible and productive adults.  Not to mention, I have to find a cheaper babysitting strategy!


  1. Reminds me of the days I spent fussing when the kids played soccer. I once put them all on the same team. Poor girls had to play with boys five years older than they because I was tired of driving back and forth for games.

  2. I completely agree with this. I think children are too spoiled and babied these days. It makes me think of all those little kids I see with iPads and iPhones in kindergarden! I don't even have things like that! It's a wonder that kids these days get past daipers.

    Anyway... I was stopping by to say thank you for stopping by CatsNTats. :)