Saturday, June 16, 2012

Unhappy Meal

As a grown woman, if I go to a fast food restaurant and see a slice of apple next to my meal, I’m not eating it.  And just for spite, I’m not eating any of the food either.  I don’t go to fast food restaurants for nutritious food.  It’s no secret why I go.  I go for the speedy service and the shitty food, which I occasionally enjoy.  I won’t eat it every day.  I won’t even eat it every week.  But sometimes I want a little bit of naughty, so I frequent fast food joints once in a blue moon. 

I have nothing against apples.  I like apples as much as the next guy.  I just don’t want any from a food restaurant.  Just like I have no idea what is in a hot dog, just like I don’t even want to think about what chicken nuggets are really made of, I don’t want to have to question the authenticity of the apples.  Because you know eventually, they are going to find a cheaper, more profitable way to make their apples. Why do you think they shred the lettuce? 

Look, if I want an apple, I go to a farm stand or a grocery store.  So I am totally baffled as to why fast food restaurants are now slipping slices of apples in kids’ meals.  Isn’t the purpose of a happy meal to make a child happy?  If a child is used to getting healthy food, then one happy meal every quarter or every other month or even once a month cannot do much harm.  People, it’s all about moderation!  If I want healthy food, it’s my job to cook it myself or go to a real restaurant where the food is prepared from scratch.  Let’s not pretend here.  In fact, let’s have everyone play their part. 

The Christian church was established mainly to bring people closer to Christ and to spread His word of Love.  Now most churches are multimillion dollar “corporations”.  To each his own, but the concept of a megachurch still bothers me.  It’s just not right that a congregant goes to church every single week and the pastor cannot pick him out of a lineup.  

Jesus was not obsessed about tithing.  Jesus was not preoccupied about doctrines.  Jesus never cared about power.  Jesus never wanted to accumulate wealth.  Jesus never dwelled about the importance of worshiping on the Sabbath.  He cared about people.  He cared about the sick, the poor and the inflicted.  He cared about saving souls.  There is nothing wrong with a church having its religious dogmas as its point of paramount significance. 

There is nothing wrong with a church stressing on the importance of tithing.  But should it be called a Christian church?  The Church of the Sadducees and Pharisees, maybe, but nothing resembling Jesus Christ.

Historically a bank was a place where people borrowed and lent money.  So if I need money, I borrow at a rate of 5% and another individual who has money, lends it to the bank for a rate of say 3%.  That way, the bank makes a profit of 2%.  Sounds fair enough, right?  Not quite.  Now the banks want to borrow people’s hard earned money for 1% while lending it to others at 10%.  So you would think at that 9% profit, the lenders can rest assured that their money will be safe when they are ready for it.  Again too easy.  Of course the banks have to invest that 9%, but due to excessive greed, they want to make 900% on that money, so they gamble it all away.

Now the reason why people put their money in banks is because they think it will be safe.  They could have easily gone themselves to the casinos, the tracks or even the convenience store to buy lottery tickets.  And when most people do that, they use their play money.  So for banks to use people’s hard earned money to gamble is very offensive, especially when they can’t give their customers more than 1% but can pay their executives $20M a year in salary.

Remember when we went to school to learn?  Now it has become a social organization with annual graduations.  Seriously, what is the purpose of a kindergarten graduation?  And how many times does a student have to graduate before reaching 12th grade?  And what’s up with having the students and their parents selling candy, cookie dough and anything else these schools deem sellable?  I only know so many people.  And why are sports more important than academics?

And since I’m ranting, there are the jails.  How can anyone in good conscience keep building jails while closing schools?  Why do they keep hiring prison officers while firing teachers?  How can they justify spending $225,000 to house a prisoner but not $50,000 to educate him?  The purpose of jails is to deter people from recommitting crimes, to punish them, to reform them.  Yet majority of inmates leave without any kind of reformation and all intent to recommit more serious crimes.

Perspectively speaking, if everyone just plays the right part and focus on the main mission, not only will society run more smoothly, but everyone will be more content.

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