Saturday, June 30, 2012

Some Things That Still Baffle Me

Your relative, most likely elderly, that you haven’t spoken to or visited in a long while passes away.  All of a sudden you have time, money and energy to go shopping for a new outfit to attend the funeral, most likely a destination funeral.


In the same vein, you have never sent her flowers, but now you have brought the biggest wreath to the funeral.  You have never planned a party for her when she was alive, but you are the go to person for the liquor and you are inviting everyone you know to the repast. 


News announcer:  Today 500,000 people were killed in an atomic bomb explosion, including one American.  The sole American was a local businessman from Springfield, ME who left behind a wife and six children.  He was on his way back from giving a speech about about……

Now that’s cold!

In other news, a bus carrying 20 passengers from a field trip flipped over a bridge.  All of the dead were mostly women and children. 

Guess a man’s life is not valuable.

I haven’t heard from someone in a long time, so I finally call, as usual.  Next thing I know, I’m the one who cannot get a word in edgewise.  I’m not even granted the courtesy of giving the reason for my call.  As I’m on the phone I’m tempted to ask, “If you had so much to tell me, why didn’t you call?”


I’m in a heated debate with someone who proceeds to tell me that I think I’m always right.  Every time I hear that I always wonder if anyone would believe that someone would speak with such conviction if she thinks she was wrong, and also what is the point of a debate if you think the other person makes more sense.

Don't get it!

Someone prays earnestly for something and gets it.  Conclusion – The Lord answers prayers.  Same person prays earnestly for something else and doesn’t get it.  Conclusion – God doesn’t think that it was for me.  Same person prays earnestly for another thing and again doesn’t get it.  Conclusion – Same as previous.  Then later gets it.  New conclusion – God answers prayers in His own time; my time is not His time. 


A pastor can get his entire congregation to not only listen to him but to do exactly as he commands, although he is not watching them 24/7.  However, he cannot get his own family to obey him.  Not his wife, not his teenage kids, not even his toddlers.  Don’t want to point any fingers, but Creflo Dollar, I thought you had more clout at home.  And for the record, I was somewhat disappointed that when the police arrived you were totally dressed down.  Or was I the only one that pictured you in a three-piece pajama, complete with a pocket square?


Someone hurts my kids or something saddens them which cause them to cry.  As much as I try not to, I can’t help but to cry too.  Yes, even in public.  I know; it’s pretty embarrassing.  But if I discipline them verbally or “otherwise” and they cry, I couldn’t care less.  And to top it off, I have the nerve to act like my mother and ask them what they are crying for and I better not hear any noise before I give them something to cry for.  If they are anything like me, I know they are thinking, “Fool, what do you think you just did?”

Go figure.

Why is bad influence more powerful than good?  Very seldom do I hear someone say that her child has become a better person from hanging out with another individual.  It is usually that the child got caught up with the wrong crowd.  Even if the child has good role models at home, even if the child sees the consequences of others getting caught up with bad company, he ignores all of that and follows the wrong crowd.


Why can’t people see their own faults?  And I know it’s typically hard to admit our own faults to others, but to actually say that someone is guilty of something while you yourself are blatantly guilty of the exact same thing is beyond me. 

What gives?

How come people cannot find time to vote in political elections, but can find time to vote for their favorite reality star contestants?  Politics directly affect them, but somehow it’s not that important to them.  Voting for a contestant only helps that contestant, yet it becomes their main priority.


Why would someone complain to another person about being so busy that he cannot return a call to someone else?  He will take minutes to go into great detail about his tight schedule and difficulty in returning important phone calls, but still wouldn’t use that time to make the call. 


How can someone put medicine in his mouth after fully knowing that possible side effects include: headache, blurry vision, dizziness, drowsiness, fatigue, insomnia, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, nausea, dry mouth, bad breath, loss of appetite, weight loss, increased appetite, weight gain, seizure, paralysis, abnormal bleeding, stroke, heart arrhythmias, heart attack and even death, yes for Pete’s sake death?  How can you take that and seriously hope for the best?  Then when you or someone you love go ahead and take that drug and suffer a few of the aforementioned complications, you find a law firm willing to sue that drug company seeking monetary compensation. 

Are you frigging kidding me?

Even if I figure all of this out, something else will still baffle me because perspectively speaking human beings are strange creatures.


  1. Your tone here is quite low and sad. Go figure?

  2. perspectively speaking everyday is not a good one and these are the things that we come back to when we have "go figure" moments.
    Keep writing Leila

  3. Its only when your all grown we remember