Sunday, June 7, 2015

But, Shouldn’t It Be Kaitlyn Jenner?

I usually have an opinion about pretty much everything, but this time I don’t.  I’m not saying that I don’t have anything to say; I’m just not leaning either way.  And the major reason is I JUST DON’T GIVE A FLYING FIG!!!

I will agree with some of the memes, comments and statements, but I just don’t care that much to give it that much oxygen. 

Therefore I agreed with the meme with Kris Jenner pondering why he didn’t spell Caitlyn with a K.  Totally agree!  Then I realized why.  Someone speculated that Bruce is doing all of this to garner as much attention as the women in his family.  At first I thought, who cuts off his little friend just for attention?  But two things:  A) he still has his little friend (I’ll get into that in a minute) and 2) nobody is talking about Kim’s constant nakedness, so maybe.  And spelling his name with a K will just make him another plain old Kardashian.

Caitlyn introduced herself on the cover of Vanity Magazine wearing a silky, white basque and matching underwear.  Not only do I not own a basque, I also had no idea that was what it was called.  He She appeared in a Porsche commercial wearing a sexy red dress accenting his her breasts.  I’m not saying that Bruce wasn’t trying to find himself herself; I’m not saying if being Caitlyn makes Bruce happy, then by all means do your thing, boy girl.  I’m just saying that nobody was giving Bruce any commercial.  Nobody was paying any attention to Bruce.  Bruce was not on anybody’s radar.  I know these celebrities like to re-invent themselves, but that’s taking it to a whole nother level.

Now ESPN has awarded him her with the Arthur Ashe Courage Award.  In the 1970s, Jenner became a national hero after winning a gold medal in decathlon during the 1975 Pan American Games and the 1976 Olympic Games.  He has set world records.  He has accomplished other feats like being named Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year, being inducted in the Olympic Hall of Fame and the US National Track and Field Hall of Fame and was the recipient of many awards.  So yes, I applaud him for all that.  By the way, he was a legit he then right?  So it’s politically correct to refer to him as him if I’m referencing the 70s, right?  (This is so frigging complicated.)  But for ESPN to give him the Arthur Ashe Courage Award just because this time last year he was wearing a brief (or was he) and now he’s wearing a panty is RIDICULOUS!

Some people might disagree and say it takes a lot of courage for him to expose himself to the world like that.  Well, nobody asked him to pose is a basque (I like that word) on the cover of an international magazine.  There are so many transgenders, and I know America likes to have a famous face for every cause, but if Bruce had become Caitlyn for himself, I would be the first one to give him his props.  That would send the message that he’s doing it for himself, for his own happiness and to be a shining example to everyone to live his or her truth.  But the man wanted to get a reality show out of this.  However, that was cancelled before it even started.  The man had interviews – I obviously didn’t watch them so I can’t tell you what he said or didn’t say.

And for those of you who say it’s not our business, you are just as ridiculous as Bruce Caitlyn, whatever his her name is.  Again, if he she was just living his her life and minding his her own business, then it wouldn’t be our business.  But from the time you appear on the cover of a magazine in women’s underwear and your breasts are now bigger than mine, heck I’m gonna talk.  Then I find out that you have breasts, but you kept your penis, you’re telling me that I’m not going to be curious about what the hell you are.

And look, I’m not one for labels, but if Caitlyn was a man, but now has breasts bigger than two ex-wives combined who also had implants, kept his little friend, BUT will be dating women, what on earth is he she?

All I know is that a lot of stuff is going on in the world, even in this country.  Beau Biden died from brain cancer.  A sitting vice-president’s son died at the young age of 46, and all everyone wants to talk about is Caitlyn Jenner.  In his own rights, Beau Biden was a former Attorney General from Delaware and a force in the Democratic Party. 

Dennis Hastert, another conservative Republican whose sole purpose in the late 90s was to impeach President Clinton over the Monica Lewinsky scandal, we are now finding out was a pedophile while he was a wrestling coach and has paid off millions in hush money.  I’m not gonna lie – I’ve always told my kids that they can play any sport they want EXCEPT wrestling.  That sport has always seemed very gay to me….not that there’s anything wrong with that!!! 

There’s still no water in California.  Tornadoes are ripping Colorado.

Serena Williams will be the first woman to win the Australian and the French Open in the same year since Jennifer Capriati did it in 2001; and if she remains unstoppable, she will be the first woman to win all four grand slams in the same year since Monica Seles did it in 1992.

So it’s not as if there is nothing happening in politics, sports, or the weather.  Important things are happening.

Okay, I lied.  Or I misspoke.  I still don’t give a rat’s ass, but boy do I have an opinion!  Seeing Bruce Caitlyn on the cover of Vanity scared the crap out of me.  Since I’m confessing here, it actually grossed me out.  The image of an old man wearing too much makeup to look like a middle aged woman, the sight of a former athlete whose muscular arms and thighs are also interwoven with the sag from old age, the bad wig and baggy panties are images that perspectively speaking, I will never be able to unsee for the rest of my life.


  1. I don't know the psychopathy of this whole ordeal, but I will say these folks know how to make money by staying in the spotlight. I know this is not an original thought, but I just don't have a better way of saying it.

  2. Wish you had a bigger soapbox!