Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It Would Be Funny, If It Weren’t Real

Anytime someone starts with a disclaimer, you know it’s serious business.  So let me just say that I love people.  I really do.  People and baby animals.  Grown animals?  Not so much.  And although I do prefer baby humans, I actually love grown people too.  So this is truly coming from a place of love.  Believe that. 

Out of the 7 billion people in the world, there are just two people that I do not like.  Hate is a strong word; and I don’t actually know them well enough to hate them; but I don’t like them.  Donald Trump and Kanye West.  Don’t ask why.  Maybe they are just too obnoxious.  And I don’t usually dislike people for no reason, but I guess it just couldn’t be helped.  With the same intensity that I dislike Donald Trump, I love Michelle Obama.  And don’t even say that if I met them, I’d be surprised to know that my feelings could change.

I guarantee you that if I met the both of them today, I would come away with the same feelings.  I cannot image meeting The Donald and leaving with the feeling of, “you know, he is much nicer in person”.  I can bet my life on that one.  Kanye West would probably get away with that; but if Kim happens to tag along and happens to open her mouth, then I would just have to throw him back in the Donald category.

So when I say that I am just giving some tough love, please believe it.  I love people, but people are so stupid.  Of course not all of us; but way too many of us are just too stupid.  The other day I was looking at the news and a 32 year old woman was so impatient to let her friends know how happy the “Happy” song made her, that she updated her facebook status with that exact sentiment, coupled with some selfies, while driving on the freeway.  THE FREEWAY!!!  A second later, she got in an accident and unfortunately died.

I admit it; I am guilty of possessing some dark humor; so I almost chuckled.  Okay, maybe I did for a nanosecond.  Of course it’s not funny.  It’s is way more serious than a heart attack.  But, admit it, if this were a comedy or an animated show, you would laugh.  Girlfriend was 32, not 17.  Seriously, how many times do we have to hear that driving is serious business and distracted drivers cause more accidents than drunk drivers?

I don’t text and drive.  The main reason is because I recently learned to text, so I can barely text and text, much less text and drive.  And I already drive like a maniac, so why should I add any more excitement to that?  Yeah, even the other day, my wonderful daughter, aka The Traitor, dissed me.  My husband was driving like a lunatic which upset me, as usual.  So I commented that he is always criticizing my driving, and he is driving like that.  She chimed in, “Daddy drives crazy when he wants to; but you drive crazy all the time.”  Really?  Really!

Senseless deaths always upset me.  Over the weekend, another 32 year old died senselessly.  Leonore Draper, an anti-violence activist, was gunned down in front of her home, after leaving an anti-violence event.  I’m not a huge animal lover, but I do get why they prefer animals to people.  People can be so dumb!

I do commend Leonore for doing this work because I will not do it!  I love people, and because I do, I wish the best for them; but seriously, too many of them just have to be left to their own devices.  They do not want any good!  Only heroes die young, and I still have another 59 years to go.  So, Miss Draper and her loved ones are in my thoughts; but, as for me, I can’t.

Life is difficult enough as it is, without our adding to the ridiculous.  I’m amazed at what people get up in arms about.  Now today’s distraction du jour is Donald Sterling.  Raise your hand if you ever heard of Donald Sterling before a few days ago.  Exactly!  None of you ever heard of that idiot, so why are you allowing him to get into your head?

Occasionally, I do some research for my posts, and I just looked up The Donald II on Wikipedia.  He is a rich Republican.  His birth name was Donald Tokowitz.  He was born to Jewish immigrants (some self-hate right there, if you ask me).  He changed his name as an adult.  In 1999, his then 19 year old son shot his friend over an argument from a TV show, and Pops got the case dropped by intimidating the detective. 

I didn’t need to read all of that and more about Mr. Tokowitz to figure out what kind of person he is.  I see these people all the time.  They will come, and they will go.  So I will not be joining forces with the NBA players to protest against this idiot.  He is just a small slice of a bigger problem.  Paying hundreds of dollars to watch the Clippers and any other professional team play one game is more of an insult than what he said to his Black Mexican girlfriend. 

Again, the fact that this idiot has so many Black talented men working for him, helping him to exponentially increase his wealth, and he has so much hatred for them is ironically comical.  Life is too short for me to focus on the negative; too short for me to waste precious moments on nonsense.  The only person that can help a person filled with such self-loathe is that person himself.  My job is to spread as much positivity and love because perspectively speaking, it takes people like me and you to balance the stupid people in this world!


  1. I do not think this man knows what he is saying. Back in the days we would say he is traveling. That is when your spirit leaving your body and you are about to die. The man is 81. Once a man twice a child. He is a baby again, talking gugu gaga.

  2. I am all smiles, lovely reading material