Friday, October 25, 2013


I am so not trying to make light of the situation of missing and exploited children, or anyone for that matter.  These children usually have worried parents, and anyone missing presumably has family going out of their minds searching for them.  I, for one, would be pushed off the edge that I’m currently on, if one of my children goes missing.

I am also not challenging the fact that the authorities questioned a Roma couple in Greece about a blond, green eyed girl that they claimed to be their daughter.  Just this past May, a man in Louisiana went shopping at Wal-Mart with his daughters.  He picked his wife up and upon arriving home, they were met by police who questioned them relentlessly.  Apparently he was white, so Wal-Mart shoppers and employees assumed he was abducting the girls.  For now, let’s forget about the fact that an abductor would mostly likely snatch one child and not three.  Also, in February of 2012, a man was cuffed and detained for what any wonderful grandfather would be praised for doing – hanging out with his granddaughter.  Why?  Because he was white, and she was black, and police do not take reports of child abduction lightly.

And please don’t compare this to white celebrities adopting black babies.   They don’t need any proof since the media bombard us with their stories, coupled with slide shows of their activities.  And no, I’m not going to question if these adoptions are sincere or if they are their latest accessories.  It is surely not my business.

So it really doesn’t bother me that people who see something that they think is out of the ordinary alert the authorities, because really who isn’t going to blame herself if she sees something and doesn’t say something, when something amiss is taking place?  And there is so much to say about the fact that although this little girl’s photo has been displayed over the international media, NO ONE has put her hand up to say, “That’s my baby!”  Again, that is neither here or there.  There are people to handle such matters.  The Roma couple has no proof that this is their child.  They are allegedly changing their stories which would give any reasonable person pause.

I’m not even troubled by the fact that another blond haired, this time blue eyed girl was found in Ireland among the Roma people causing them to get a bad name.  Look, we’ve all been there.  Timothy McVeigh bombs Oklahoma City – all skinheads get a bad rap.  OJ Simpson is accused of killing his wife and her friend – all abusive football players get a bad rap.  DMX cannot stay of out jail – all pot-smoking rappers get a bad rap.  Ted Kaczynski becomes The Unabomber – all child prodigy turn paranoid schizophrenic recluse get a bad rap.  We all have to live with some form of bigotry and prejudice.

Here’s what bothers me: the US authorities getting heavily involved.  Possibly the same authorities that have told the families of missing children that they are doing the best they can, that their hands are tied, that they have used all possible resources.  Yet, they can find time to investigate a possible abduction thousands of miles away.

Another thing that is getting under my skin is that this little girl is being hailed an “angel”.  No one, besides the people with whom she has been living, knows her enough to call her an angel.  And how can she be dubbed an angel, when no one has ever seen an angel?  But I suspect that if a little black ‘angel’ was found living on a Mormon compound nobody would question it.  Who am I kidding?  They probably still believe black people are cursed and would not be seen within a 1,000 miles of them.

At any rate, two positive things came out of this: the Gypsies, like everybody else, now have a politically correct name, Roma; and I no longer have to wonder what would be the outcome if a black couple adopted a white baby.  (Note to self – cross that off your bucket list.)

I hope these missing blond light eyed girls are reunited with their loved ones, but perspectively speaking, what I yearn for more is that every missing child is granted the same resources as those two girls, who were never reported missing in the first place.


  1. Once again another great post. You are doing a good job entertaining and enlightening us. Thanks for writing .

  2. I so agree, Myra. A lot of missing children/adult cases become cold cases, but a casual stroll in the mall or in the park by mixed race families becomes a hot lead in an unreported alert case.

    Just as the recent Cheerios advert dared to show a light-skinned child with a white mother and a black father brought out the 'shock and awe' from some camps, I am sure there are other every day incidents waiting to take the front page as news. Just watch and see.