Thursday, February 9, 2012

Perspectively Speaking

Hello and welcome to my blog, “Perspectively Speaking”.

First, I want to thank you for visiting.  And I hope that even when we disagree, you give my words a reading chance.

Next, I want to give a little introduction as to the purpose of my blog.

The older I get, the more my ideologies change.  I realize that I no longer see things as black and white; I no longer answer with a resounding yes or no.  Lately, I notice that it depends on the circumstance, the event and the people involved.  Also, I try not to base responses on my own opinions, but more on what is right, what is just, and how I would feel if it were me.

I will be touching on a plethora of topics and will be giving my current beliefs.  My perspectives, like in the past, may change again, but basically, my intention is to open dialogues about social, political and economic issues.

For instance:

Age & Weight: - First I put these two together because it now appears that they truly go hand in hand.

The much younger, much skinnier me never worried about either.  I could eat anything I wanted, when I wanted, as much as I wanted; and there was no effect.  And aging was so far in the distant future, that I never gave it a second thought.

Now when I talk to or hear about a 60 year old, I say, “Wow, that’s pretty young to ___________”.  Anything you fill the blank with will be perfectly acceptable to me today.

And if someone tells me she is 150 lbs, I now say, “Oh, that's not big at all.”

It’s truly all relative.

Abortion: - Formerly a strong pro-lifer, I thought that was the ultimate sin.  Okay, I was a teenager who thought that all killing was wrong and wondered how anyone could do that to their own baby.  Although I’m still opposed to it as far as my life is concerned, I no longer judge.  I believe the involved parties struggle with this choice.  I believe they think that this is their last resort, if not their only viable option.  Yes, there are some who use it as a form of birth control, but whatever the reason, it’s their bodies, their choice.

Premarital Sex: - I’m not promoting that minor children have sex; and I’m not even a fan of casual sex for consenting adults.  And whereas I don’t regret waiting as long as I did, I sure wish I was spared the guilt.  Yes, it’s serious and involves not just the body, but mind and soul, but if two age appropriate people feel that strongly about each other, why the self-torture? 

Since God created everything, he certainly created libido; and I don’t care how strong someone is, s/he can only fight it for so long.  It’s not like putting money on a table and telling someone not touch it.  Well, unless that someone is a kleptomaniac. But this is biological; this is natural.  Show me someone who can run in the tropical midday sun and not break a sweat, and then and only then will I show you someone who can resist the urge to be intimate with someone for whom they have strong feelings.  

Well, not without going nuts!

Like my almost 8 year old son said to my 14 year old nephew, nearly two years ago, “How do you expect me to wait until I get married?  How am I going to know what to do?”

Now that’s some perspective right there for you.

Homosexuality: - Born and raised in Antigua in the 1970’s and 1980’s, it’s hard not to be homogenous.  But having worked, spoken to or hung out with gay people, I now think, “I wouldn’t want anyone telling me who I can or cannot love.” 

And for me, it’s as simple as that.

Religion: - That sole woman in the village who never attended church services or church functions seemed really weird.  Now I get it.  As one of the biggest, longest running scams ever, I’m surprised that organized religion keeps growing instead of fading.  Whereas I thought people saying that there were too many hypocrites in church to socialize with was just a cop out for not going to church, I now clearly see that so much more is at stake.

Drugs: - First, let me just say that I never have or never will snort or inject drugs.  I’ve never smoked any either, but I no longer consider marijuana to be a drug, dangerous or otherwise.  If it were as bad as illicit drugs, there would be prescriptions for medicinal heroin and medicinal crack.  And apart from the munchies, the side effects cannot be compared to tobacco and alcohol. 

And that’s that (for now).

I still would not smoke a joint (at this age, why bother), but I would no longer scramble for the door of a marijuana smoke-filled room, while vigorously holding my breath.  After all, the smell wasn't so bad, come to think of it.

Wealth: - I always said I would rather marry for love than money.  And I thought people who admitted the opposite were shallow. With this recession and economic downturn, boy has my mind changed.  With people losing their jobs and homes, with people crippled with little or no healthcare during a medical emergency, money sure would have come in handy.

However, as the ultimate romantic, I will compromise and say – marry for love, but surround yourself with people who have money.

Politics: - When I lived in Antigua, I would never have considered voting for the Antigua Labor Party (ALP).  Since I started voting in the United States, I have always voted Democrat.  Now that I consider myself an Independent, I wonder if I could ever, anytime in the future vote Republican or for ALP.

I say a resounding, “Hell no!”

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  1. I would be happy to follower your blog (just did) most if not all of what you have written is discussed in our home (with Autumn Dahlia and myself) ( Autumn)my daughter) haven strong views about gay rights and abortion sometimes i look at her and wonder who is this old woman in front of me when i her her talk with such conviction and passion. and when it comes to religion boy mt views are off the charts please don't get me wrong.. i believe that there is a higher being (My GOD) but this "religious thing" its just yesterday My Daughter said to me "everyone in my class is getting confirmed... I don't want to get confirmed am sorry" I smiled inward because it was never my desire/ plan for her to be confirmed.. after reflecting on my childhood i still don't get what all that hoopla was about, that whole ritual did nothing for me. I often wonder if I was the only one.