Monday, February 13, 2012

Crack is whack!

Whitney Houston’s tragic end has again made clear to me how powerful love is and how dangerous it can be.  The romantic I am, I strongly believe that love can happen between any two people ……or three; but that’s a different topic.

Okay we do not know the entire story, and the jury is still out as to who influenced whom between her and Bobby Brown; but one thing is certain, no one should allow anyone else to lower his or her standards in a relationship.  Instead the presence of another person should be cause to raise one’s standards.

A relationship is simply a partnership; and in any partnership, there will be a dominant figure.  The trick to success is to ensure that the person with the positive trait, in the specific instance, take the lead.

If you are more cultured than your partner, do not let him decide if you should attend the theatre or a monster truck show.

If you are more fun than your partner, do not let her decide if you should go the amusement park or the museum…..on your day off.

If you are more subtle than your partner, do not let him ask the person who just stole your parking spot at the mall, why.

If you are more money conscious than your partner, do not allow her to go shopping with an open check on payday.  However if you are both thrifty (present please), just skip to the next tip.

If you have more self control than your partner, do not allow him to have that last drink at the club, if he intends to drive home.

If you are more selfish than your partner, he should not allow you to purchase the extended family’s Christmas presents.

If you are more miserable than your partner, she should not allow you to accompany her to her friends’ functions.

If you are cleaner than your partner, do not allow him to be in charge of household chores.

If you are more sensible than your partner, do not allow her to run the household finances.

Now these are definitely not scientific facts, although in this day and age, I would not be surprised if there was an “expert” in the field. 

I am just perspectively speaking.

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